Monday, 20 July 2015 12:52

Woman with Down’s syndrome ‘thrown out of Morrisons due to her condition’

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A woman with Down’s syndrome claims she was told to leave a Morrisons store recently for fear that she would cause ‘mischief’.

Stephanie Couldry, 30, said she was shopping in the Haydon Wick store in Swindon, Wiltshire for her disabled parents when the humiliating incident occurred. She said a member of staff approached her and said ‘what are you doing here?’, and ‘get out now’. ‘They said it was in case I caused a bit of mischief and trouble. I didn’t say anything – I just got out of there,’ said Stephanie. ‘I was a bit upset because I have been to Morrisons before. I go there a lot.’ However Morrisons tell a different story.
They claim that while Stephanie is ‘well known’ in the store and ‘visits regularly’, there have been previous incidents of her forgetting to scan certain items on the self-service checkout machines and using an inappropriate speed on her mobility scooter in the store. A Morrisons spokesman said: ‘Keen to continue welcoming her, the store team agreed with Stephanie and her family that she would be accompanied in the future to help avoid this happening again.
‘On this occasion, Stephanie was alone and asked to leave.’ Despite this, Stephanie’s brother-in-law Stephen called the incident ‘disgusting’. He added: ‘She has been there before lots of times. She had been in there the day before. I don’t think she would want to go back there again after what has happened. ‘And I don’t think her mum and dad would want to shop there again.’