Shéri Brynard was born with an extra chromosome and a fighting spirit. Having Down Syndrome classified Brynard as intellectually disabled, and not many people expected her to go far.

Her mothers says she refused to set limits on her daughter's potential.

A Coles Scaffolding Contractors Ltd firm in Swindon has given 29-year-old Todd Scanlon a permanent, part-time contract after he apparently 'begged' owner Martyn Coles, 35, repeatedly over the course of two years.

Meet these incredible individiuals determined to use their talents and abilities to make a difference.

The fashion world just got a bit more real

A man with Down Syndrome wasted no time covering his father with sweet kisses after returning from a week-long trip, and the moment was captured in a video that has now gone viral.

Siblings don’t always get along but this video of two brothers embracing after one got a tattoo of the other will make you want to give yours a hug.

A family from Derbyshire who always knew they wanted to help those in care have adopted nine children with Down’s Syndrome.

A couple with Down’s Syndrome who captured the hearts of the nation today have proved the doubters wrong after 23 years of wedded bliss.

A photographer with Down’s Syndrome has taken inspiring photos of people living with the condition in a bid to change perceptions.

When Sarah was born 26 years ago, my wife Alison and I were in a state of shock.

“I want to be able to show others what inclusion is all about, that someone with special needs can go after their dreams.”

We can’t overstate how important it is for children to see kids that look like them in the media.

There’s an appalling lack of diversity when it comes to the industry’s choice of models. Not only are non-white women given the brush off when it comes to getting featured in magazines, but plus-size models and those with disabilities barely get a look-in, either.

A young woman with Down’s Syndrome is finally about to achieve her dream of becoming a weather presenter in France.

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